What is it?

A gathering for like-minded people interested in and/or working with data, and in particular, those people who use (or are interested in finding out more about) Microsoft SQL Server.

Where is it?

We have several locations at which we meet. The venue for each meeting will be specified in the event details. Here’s a list of previous venues:

  • Royal Melbourne Hotel
  • The Bull and Bear
  • The Sherlock Holmes Inn

When do you meet?

We normally meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month throughout the year.  However, we keep some flexibility so that we can tie in with any SQL Server “expert” that is passing through Melbourne.  A calendar of events will be published on this site, and confirmation of dates will be given for each event.

Can anyone come along?

If you have an interest in Data and using SQL Server to store, manage, manipulate & display it, then you are more than welcome to join us.

Do I have to be a SQL Server expert/guru to attend?

No, you do not need to know anything about SQL Server to attend. If you have an interest to find out more about the product, or indeed the field of Database Administration or Business Intelligence, then you will find a wealth of knowledge to tap into at these events.

What time does it start?

Meetings will start at around 5:30pm, but as there is no set format, you are free to join us whenever you can, be that 6pm, or 9pm.

What will I get out of it?

You will meet new people, feel energised, enlightened, inspired, knowledgeable, connected, nourished, cheerful and a plethora of other positive things!

What’s it cost?

It’s free to come along – we’re not a formal membership-based association or commercial organisation and aren’t for-profit. You just pay for your own expenses – such as meals or drinks. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have one or more sponsors and in those instances, you may get to eat and drink for free! If you are interested in sponsoring this event please use the contact us page to get in touch.

How do I find out more?

Simply come along on to a meeting, sign up on the PASS website or our Meetup Group, follow us on Twitter, join our LinkedIn group or continue to check this website!

How is this different from the local SQL Server User Group?

The local SQL Server User Group holds more-formal, presentation-style meetings on a monthly basis. These events are primarily learning experiences, with little in the way of networking. In contrast, SQL Server Social is primarily a networking event in a conversation-oriented setting; with emphasis on creating and sustaining new relationships, learning through discussion, and developing the SQL Server Community in an offline capacity (It’s already huge online!). SQL Server Social aims to compliment the local User Group by building community and encouraging discussion about the data industry.


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