SQL Social No. 16

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Greetings all

The next event is nearly upon us ( so get yourself registered quickly.

This month Martin Cairney will also be giving a quick demo on the use of the PAL toolkit for consolidating and analysing Performance Monitor traces to give you a quick indicator of performance issues in your SQL Server.

Additionally Jim McLeod will be giving some insights into the planned new features that will be coming in SQL Server 2014 – wow!!

Hopefully we’ll see plenty of you there.

Kalen Delaney Coming to Melbourne in March

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March 2013 is almost upon us and I for one cannot quite believe where this year is going. But another month brings with it another SQL Server Social, and for our next meeting we are hoping to have world leading expert in SQL Server Kalen Delaney join us for the evening.

Kalen Delaney will be coming to Melbourne to conduct one of her extremely sought after Deep Dive courses; this one in particular is about SQL Server 2012 Query Tuning Internals. For details about the course and to register, please click here.

Kalen has agreed to spend a couple of hours at the next SQL Server Social, which is currently planned for Thursday, 21st March 2013 (NOTE the change of day and week for this one). So if you would like to come along and pick Kalen’s brain about the internals of SQL Server then this is a golden opportunity. The registration for the next event is not yet open, but keep an eye out for it in the coming days.

Here is an excerpt about the course;

Kalen Delaney – SQL Server 2012 Query Tuning Internals

This is a four day advanced course designed for advanced Microsoft SQL Server professionals. The course includes extensive demonstrations that illustrate the details of SQL Server internals as well as tuning techniques. This course will be presented on SQL Server 2012 and cover features specific to that version, but most of the information is relevant to SQL Server 2008 and some is relevant to SQL Server 2005.

Kalen Delaney is considered to be the world’s leading expert in SQL Server Internals. Kalen’s courses and seminars on SQL Server Internals have been delivered at internal Microsoft training events and as on-site courses for premier Microsoft partners around the world.

Canberra: Tue 12 – Fri 15 March 2013
Melbourne: Mon 18 – Thu 21 March 2013

SQL Server Social Survey – We need YOUR feedback!

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After nearly a year of SQL Server Social events it’s time to get some much needed feedback.

We, the organisers of SQL Server Social, are constantly thinking of ways to make this event better, more enjoyable, more satisfying. And while we have come up with a few good ideas, we need your help to tailor this event into something that is going to make YOU want to attend time after time after time. So we created a [very short] survey to gather this feedback in a slightly more scientific way than a passing comment after a couple of beers.

Red Gate
Red Gate Software

And here’s the best bit:

By completing the survey you stand a chance of winning licenses for Red Gate‘s AWESOME SQL Compare Pro AND SQL Source Control! That’s nearly $800 worth of software!!

These licenses, along with a number of other Red Gate goodies, will be given away at the next SQL Server Social event in October 2012. You need to be at the event in order to claim your prize (Details of the event to follow).

You can take the survey now by following the link below:

Take the SQL Server Social Survey Now!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will go a long way to making this a better event for everyone.


Lucky 7

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Yes, SQL Server Social No 7 is on the horizon.

What’s more, we have a new helper – Vivek Pradhan has volunteered to assist with the organisation of the SQL Server Social starting with the next one on Wednesday, 6th June.    We’ve asked Vivek to organise some events on the night (which might involve the free pool tables), so hopefully we can add something more to your evening.  Watch this blog for more details.

Once again we are going to the The Bull & Bear Tavern, 347 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

Please click here to register for the event.

Come and Find Us …..

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For any new attendees at tonight’s SQL Server Social event, come and find the organisers (Luke and Martin) and the sponsors (LobsterPot and Avanade – they should be the easy ones with the company shirts on) with your EventBrite ticket and there could be something extra in it for you.

The aim of the evening is networking, so by having to ask around to find us you will have taken the first steps to building your own SQL Server community.

It’s Alive!

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SQL Server Social now has some dedicated web space. This is where all things SQL Server Social will be placed. All news, event details, feedback, etc will can be found here. So add this as a bookmark and check back regularly. Or, simply subscribe to the feed to be notified of any updates.

And remember, this is social, so make sure you leave your feedback/comments/rants/whatever and let’s make this as interactive as possible.

– LH