SQL Server Social Survey – We need YOUR feedback!

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After nearly a year of SQL Server Social events it’s time to get some much needed feedback.

We, the organisers of SQL Server Social, are constantly thinking of ways to make this event better, more enjoyable, more satisfying. And while we have come up with a few good ideas, we need your help to tailor this event into something that is going to make YOU want to attend time after time after time. So we created a [very short] survey to gather this feedback in a slightly more scientific way than a passing comment after a couple of beers.

Red Gate
Red Gate Software

And here’s the best bit:

By completing the survey you stand a chance of winning licenses for Red Gate‘s AWESOME SQL Compare Pro AND SQL Source Control! That’s nearly $800 worth of software!!

These licenses, along with a number of other Red Gate goodies, will be given away at the next SQL Server Social event in October 2012. You need to be at the event in order to claim your prize (Details of the event to follow).

You can take the survey now by following the link below:

Take the SQL Server Social Survey Now!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will go a long way to making this a better event for everyone.



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