SQL Social No. 45 – Entity Attribute Value (EAV) SQL anti-patterns

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SQL Social: Australia’s Premier Data Networking Event!

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When: 2016/08/10 From 5:45pm – 7:45pm

Where: The Governors Lounge, The Royal Melbourne Hotel, 629 Bourke Street Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Cost: Free!

Food & Drinks will be provided.

SQL Social brings together Database & BI professionals, industry experts and those with an appetite for learning more about data & information management, in a relaxed atmosphere to network, share ideas, impart knowledge, and have a great time whilst doing so.

We will provide you with plenty of food and drinks for the evening, all thanks to our fantastic sponsors (see below).


This is not your usual SQL Server User Group event. At SQL Social our aim is to give YOU the opportunity to meet with MVPs, well-known speakers, experienced professionals & industry experts and ask them about the data-related topics that matter to you. It is an opportunity to meet new people, make new friendships and find out what is going on in the data industry in Melbourne.


As we have mentioned at previous events, we want to encourage you to take your first steps as a new speaker. As an incentive, every speaker wiil receive a free 1 month PluralSight subscription as a thank you. We only need a short 10 minute or so session on any SQL Server related topic – from an interesting query technique to an overview of the functionality of a component. Contact us if you’d like to have a go.

This Month’s Speaker and Topic

Igor Rozenberg – Entity Attribute Value (EAV) SQL anti-patterns

Igor RozenbergIgor is a Senior Consultant  at UXC. He graduated in Robotics and Computing in Moscow USSR before arriving in Australia in 1992.  His first experience with relational databases was with Microsoft Access and has worked with Microsoft SQL Server (since version 6.5 to Azure SQLDB). He does toy with other RDBMS such as DB/2, Oracle and Sybase. His hobbies include Space exploration, and he is a member of the Space Association of Australia.


This session is dedicated to revealing “The god, the bad and the ugly” sides of EAV (Entity Attribute Values) modelling that is based on the mathematical notion of a sparse matrix.

First we’ll show what could be wrong with a brute force approach to implementing EAV and compare side-by-side traditional row-based entity implementation with EAV implementation.

Then we will show a pragmatic implementation of and EAV model build on top of a RDBMS (like SQL Server) based on experience with two-way synchronization challenges between a centralized server database and local databases on occasionally connected tablet devices.


Our Sponsors:

Once again we are fortunate to have wonderful sponsors on board who will ensure that we are suitably fed and watered. A big thank you to Lobsterpot Solutions and Pluralsight for their ongoing support of this great community event!

Lobsterpot Solutions:

LobsterPot Solutions™ is an Australian company with staff in Adelaide and Melbourne, offering consultancy and training services around Australia. LobsterPot Solutions specialises in SQL Server, including performance tuning, Business Intelligence, and more.

LobsterPot Solutions is a company of firsts. When the Microsoft Partner Network went live, we were the first company in Australia to become a Gold Competency Partner, the first in the world to gain the Gold Competency in Business Intelligence. Since then we have become the first to have an APS / PDW trainer on staff, and have been involved in training other trainers in the region.

Pluralsight - Hardcore Developer Training


Pluralsight is the global leader in high-quality online training for hardcore developers. The revolutionary Pluralsight training library provides developers with instant access to a rich collection of online training courses delivered by industry authorities. See what you can learn at pluralsight.com and join the @pluralsight community on Twitter.

See you there!


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